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Artie Shaw, King of the Clarinet

This website is made for you to enjoy the best of Artie Shaw while tacitly and maturely acknowledging the rest. We appreciate you as a visitor and potential contributor to the Artie Shaw experience. We want you to always know that you’re playing a valuable part in keeping the music alive for future generations to discover and enjoy. The primary purpose of this endeavor is to educate visitors regarding the life, times, history, and music of Artie Shaw, a legend in the American jazz scene during the Swing Era of the 1930’s and 1940’s.

The vision of this creative endeavor is to encourage commentary and criticism regarding Artie Shaw’s music from all visitors and members of ‘the crowd’ who wish to contribute in filling in the blanks on the canvas this musical genius’s life.

Ultimately, the hope is to see ArtieShaw.com evolve into sensory encounter where the visitor is invited into an immersive experience of the era, incorporating the most popular music of the day along with the colors and imagery that evoke a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the quality of times past.  Each element of this project is designed with the thought of evoking an awareness of the events and styles that make up the collective conscious past of America and on a larger scale, humankind, since music transcends spoken language.

All that being said, we welcome your comments and sincerely hope you enjoy your time spent at ArtieShaw.com

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