Comes Love


Artie Shaw and his Orchestra : Comes Love

‘Comes Love’ is a jazz standard. It was featured in the Broadway musical Yokel Boy, starring Phil Silvers and Buddy Ebsen, when it was introduced by Judy Canova.

Album:  Comes Love

Style:  Fox Trot / Jazz

Date Recorded: June 12, 1939

Composer: Sam H. Stept

Lyricist:  Lew Brown, Charles Tobias

Instrumentation: 5 clarinets, 4 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 2 trombones, guitar, piano, string bass, and drums

Charted: ‘Comes Love’ charted at #4 in Billboard in 1939 for 10 weeks.

Wikipedia: Comes Love

Comes a rain storm, put your rubbers on your feet
Comes a snow storm, you can get a little heat
Comes love, nothing can be done
Comes a fire, then you know just what to do
Blow a tire, you can buy another shoe
Comes love, nothing can be done
Oh, don’t try hidin’, ’cause there isn’t any use
You start slidin’, when your heart turns on the juice
Comes a headache, you can lose it in a day
Comes a toothache, see your dentist right away
Comes love, nothing can be done

Artie Shaw and his Orchestra

  • Artie Shaw (director, clarinet)
  • George Arus (trombone)
  • Georgie Auld (saxophone)
  • Georgie Auld (clarinet)
  • Al Avola (guitar)
  • Johnny Best (trumpet)
  • Hank Freeman (saxophone)
  • Hank Freeman (clarinet)
  • Les Jenkins (trombone)
  • Bob Kitsis (piano)
  • Tony Pastor (saxophone)
  • Tony Pastor (clarinet)
  • Chuck Peterson (trumpet)
  • Bernie Privin (trumpet)
  • Buddy Rich (drums)
  • Les Robinson (saxophone)
  • Les Robinson (clarinet)
  • Harry Rodgers, Jr. (trumpet)
  • Sid Weiss (string bass)


Label: Bluebird

Comes Love - Artie Shaw and his Orchestar - Bluebird record label


Artie Shaw - Comes Love

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