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The word frenesí is Spanish for “frenzy”. In 1940 Artie Shaw went to Mexico for a much-needed vacation and came back with the tune “Frenesi”, which was composed by Alberto Dominguez Borras of Mexico City.  During World War II Major Thomas Haynes named his P-51 Mustang fighter Frenesi after the song, stating that it was a tribute to his wife Louise.  Frenesi is now considered a jazz standard and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1982. Artie Shaw’s recording of Frenesi can be heard in the soundtrack of the 1980 Martin Scorsese film ‘Raging Bull’, for which Robert De Niro won the Oscar for Best Actor. Artie Shaw’s ‘Frenesi’ can also be heard in Woody Allen’s 1987 motion picture ‘Radio Days’


Album:  Single
Side A: Adiós Mariquita Linda
Side B: Frenesi

Style:  Fox Trot

Date Recorded: March 3, 1940

Song Writer/Composer: Alberto Dominguez Borras (05/05/1906 – 09/02/1975)  from Mexico City, Mexico.

Lyricist:  Ray Charles and S.K. Russell

Instrumentation: 8 violins, 3 violas, 2 cellos, flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, 4 saxophones, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, horn, guitar, piano, string bass, and drums

Charted: Frenesi reached number one on the Billboard pop chart on December 21, 1940 and held the number 1 position for 13 weeks straight.

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Name: Instrumental


Lyrics for Frenesi by Artie Shaw

Often played as an Instrumental

Some time ago
I wandered down into old Mexico
While I was there
I felt romance everywhere
Moon was shining bright
And I could hear laughing voices in the night
Everyone was gay This was the start of their holiday
It was fiesta down in Mexico
And so I stopped a while to see the show
I knew that frenesí meant “Please love me”
And I could say frenesí
A lovely señorita caught my eye
I stood enchanted as she wandered by
And never knowing that it come from me I gently sighed frenesí
She stopped and raised her eyes to mine
Her lips just pleaded to be kissed
Her eyes were soft as candle-shine
So how was I to resist?
And now without a heart to call my own
A greater happiness I’ve never known
Because her kisses are for me alone
Who wouldn’t say frenesí?

Bésame tu a mí
Bésame igual que mi boca te besó
Dame el frenesí
Qui mi locura te dió Quien si no fui yo
Pudo enseñarte el camino del amor
Muerto mi altivez Cuando mi orgullo rodo a tus pies
Quiero que vivas solo para mí
Why que tu vayas por donde yo voy
Para que mi alma sea no mas de ti
Bésame con frenesí
Dame la luz que tiene tu mirar
Why la ansiedad que entre tus labios vi
Esa locura de vivir why amar
Que es mas que amor frenesí
Hay en el beso que te di
Alma, piedad, corazón
Dime que sabes tu sentir
Lo mismo que siento yo
Quiero que vivas solo para mí
Why que tu vayas por donde yo voy
Para que mi alma sea no mas de ti
Bésame con frenesí

Writer(s): S.k. Russell, Alberto Dominguez, Ray Charles

Artie Shaw Orchestra

  • Robert Barene (violin)
  • Harry Bluestone (violin)
  • Babe Bowman (trombone)
  • Sid Brokaw (violin)
  • Bud Carlton (saxophone)
  • Jack Cave (French horn)
  • Dick Clark (saxophone)
  • Dave Cracov (violin)
  • Jud DeNaut (string bass)
  • Pete Eisenberg (violin)
  • Jack Gray (viola)
  • Jerry Joyce (violin)
  • Manny Klein (trumpet)
  • Joe Krechter (bass clarinet)
  • Alex Law (violin)
  • Mark Levant (violin)
  • Irving Lipschultz (cello)
  • Charlie Margulis (trumpet)
  • Carl Maus (drums)
  • Randall Miller (trombone)
  • Phil Nemoli (oboe)
  • Bill Rank (trombone)
  • Blake Reynolds (alto saxophone)
  • Morton Ruderman (flute)
  • Artie Shaw (director, clarinet)
  • Bobby Sherwood (guitar)
  • Stanley Spiegelman (viola)
  • Jack Stacy (saxophone)
  • Dave Sturkin (viola)
  • Jules Tannenbaum (cello)
  • George Thow (trumpet)
  • Stan Wrightsman (piano)

Label: Victor

Frenesi - Artie Shaw and his Orchestar - RCA Victor record label


Artie Shaw - Frenesi

Frenesi - Raging Bull - Artie Shaw

Radio Days - Frenesi - Artie Shaw

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