Gloomy Sunday


Artie Shaw and his Orchestra : Gloomy Sunday

Also known as the “Hungarian Suicide Song”, The original lyrics were titled ‘The world is ending’ and were about despair caused by war. Billie Holiday released a popular version of this song in 1941.

Side A: Don’t Fall Asleep (No Te Duermas)
Side B: Gloomy Sunday

Style:  Fox Trot / Jazz

Date Recorded: 1940

Composer: Rezs┼Ĺ Seress

Lyricist:  Sam M. Lewis (English Lyrics)

Instrumentation: 8 violins, 3 violas, 2 cellos, flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, 4 saxophones, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, horn, guitar, piano, string bass, and drums


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Gloomy is Sunday,
My hours are slumberless
Dearest the shadows
I live with are numberless
Little white flowers
Will never awaken you
Not where the black coach of
Sorrow has taken you
Angels have no thought
Of ever returning you,
Would they be angry
If I thought of joining you?

Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy is Sunday,
With shadows I spend it all
My heart and I
Have decided to end it all
Soon there’ll be candles
And prayers that are sad I know
Let them not weep
Let them know that I’m glad to go
Death is no dream
For in death I’m caressing you
With the last breath of my soul
I’ll be blessing you

Gloomy Sunday

Artie Shaw and his Orchestra

  • Artie Shaw (director, clarinet)
  • Mark Levant (violin)
  • Harry Bluestone (violin)
  • Pete Eisenberg (violin)
  • Robert Barene (violin)
  • Sid Brokaw (violin)
  • Dave Cracov (violin)
  • Jerry Joyce (violin)
  • Alex Law (violin)
  • Dave Sturkin (viola)
  • Stanley Spiegelman (viola)
  • Jack Gray (viola)
  • Jules Tannenbaum (cello)
  • Irving Lipschultz (cello)
  • Blake Reynolds (alto saxophone)
  • Bud Carlton (saxophone)
  • Dick Clark (saxophone)
  • Jack Stacy (saxophone)
  • Phil Nemoli (oboe)
  • Morton Ruderman (flute)
  • Joe Krechter (bass clarinet)
  • Jack Cave (French horn)
  • Charlie Margulis (trumpet)
  • Manny Klein (trumpet)
  • George Thow (trumpet)
  • Randall Miller (trombone)
  • Bill Rank (trombone)
  • Babe Bowman (trombone)
  • Bobby Sherwood (guitar)
  • Jud DeNaut (string bass)
  • Carl Maus (drums)
  • Stan Wrightsman (piano)


Label: Victor

Gloomy Sunday - Arties Shaw and his Orchestra

Artie Shaw - Gloomy Sunday

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