Love Of My Life


Artie Shaw and his Orchestra : Love Of My Life

Nominated for the Oscar in the 1940 Parmount motion picture ‘Second Chorus’.

Side A: Love Of My Life
Side B: The Glider

Style:  Fox Trot / Jazz

Date Recorded: October 7, 1940

Composer: Artie Shaw

Lyricist:  Johnny Mercer



Wikipedia: Love of My Life

Would you like to be The love of my life for always,
And always watch over me?
To square my blunders,
And share my dreams
One day with caviar,
Next day a chocolate bar.
Would you like to take the merry go round
I’ll lead you, I’ll need you,
Wait and you’ll see I hope in your horoscope
There is room for a dope who adours you,
That would make the only dreams of my life come true,
For the love of my life is you…

Artie Shaw and his Orchestra / Artie Shaw and his Gramercy 5


Label: Victor

Love of My Life - Artie Shaw and his Orchestra

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