Melancholy Mood


Artie Shaw and his Orchestra : Melancholy Mood


Side A: Moonray
Side B: Melancholy Mood

Style:  Fox Trot / Jazz

Date Recorded: June 22, 1939

Composer: Walter Schumann

Lyricist: Vick Knight

Instrumentation: 5 clarinets, 4 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 2 trombones, guitar, piano, string bass, and drums

Charted: In 1939 ‘Melancholy Mood’ charted for 4 weeks on Billboard, reaching a high of #8

Melancholy mood
Forever haunts me
Steals upon me in the night
Forever taunts me
Oh, what a lonely soul am I
Stranded high and dry
By a melancholy mood

Gone is every joy
And inspiration
Tears are all I have to show
No consolation
All I can see is grief and gloom
Till the crack of doom
Oh, melancholy mood

Deep in the night
I search for a trace
Of a lingering kiss,
A warm embrace
But love is a whimsy
And as flimsy as lace
And my arms embrace
An empty space

Melancholy mood,
Why must you blind me
Pity me and break the chains
The chains that bind me
Won’t you release me, set me free
Bring him back to me
Oh, melancholy mood

Artie Shaw and his Orchestra

  • Artie Shaw (director, clarinet)
  • George Arus (trombone)
  • Georgie Auld (saxophone)
  • Georgie Auld (clarinet)
  • Al Avola (guitar)
  • Johnny Best (trumpet)
  • Hank Freeman (saxophone)
  • Hank Freeman (clarinet)
  • Les Jenkins (trombone)
  • Bob Kitsis (piano)
  • Tony Pastor (saxophone)
  • Tony Pastor (clarinet)
  • Chuck Peterson (trumpet)
  • Bernie Privin (trumpet)
  • Buddy Rich (drums)
  • Les Robinson (saxophone)
  • Les Robinson (clarinet)
  • Harry Rodgers, Jr. (trumpet)
  • Sid Weiss (string bass)

Label: Victor

Melancholy Mood - Artie Shaw and his Orchestar - Bluebird record label

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