My Fantasy


Artie Shaw and his Orchestra : My Fantasy


Side A: Mister Meadowlark
Side B: My Fantasy

Style:  Fox Trot / Jazz

Date Recorded: May 13, 1940

Composer: Walter Donaldson

Lyricist:  Johnny Mercer



Wikipedia: My Fantasy

You′re gone, but still in my fantasy
Your memory lives on – each night you are close to me.
One day your love died, but somehow it always seems
You’re ever at my side in all of my dreams.

And though I′m still in love with only a phantom kiss
I know I’m just a fool to torture my heart like this.
You’re gone, but still you belong to me
Your memory lives on in my fantasy.


Artie Shaw and his Orchestra


Label: Victor

My Fantasy - Arties Shaw and his Orchestra

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