Old, Old Castle In Scotland


Artie Shaw and his Orchestra : An Old, Old Castle In Scotland



Style: Fox Trot / Jazz

Date Recorded: 1940

Composer: Ben Oakland

Lyricist: Herbert Magidson


Charted: In 1940 ‘An Old, Old Castle In Scotland’ charted for 1 week on Billboard, reaching a high of #25

Wikipedia: An Old, Old Castle In Scotland


There’s an old old Castle in Scotland
And a strange love story it tells
Of a lassie who dwelled in that castle
And the lad who fell ‘niegth her spell

When they met the bagpipes were playing
And a full moon shone overhead
It was heaven they spent there together
And they vowed come the morning they would wed

Now the story grow sad for the Lass she disappeared
And the lad he shed bitter tears
And the townspeople there said the castle has been there

For hundreds and hundreds of years.

Now the lad he still waits for his lassie
All alone in there Rendezvous
All alone in that haunted old castle
And he waits for the love he once knew

There’s an old old castle in Scotland.

Artie Shaw and his Orchestra / Artie Shaw and his Gramercy 5



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