What’s New?


Artie Shaw and his Orchestra : What’s New?

‘What’s New?’ became a jazz standard after Johnny Burke added lyrics.


Style:  Jazz

Date Recorded: March 11, 1939

Composer: Bob Haggart 

Lyricist: Johnny Burke



Wikipedia: What’s New?

What’s New?
How is the world treating you?
You haven’t changed a bit,
Handsome as ever, I must admit

What’s new?
How did that romance come through?
Of course you could know,
Gee, but it’s nice to see you again

What’s new?
Probably I’m boring you
But seeing you is grand
And you were sweet to offer your hand
I understand, adieu
Pardon my asking, what’s new
Of course you couldn’t know
I haven’t changed, I still love you so

Artie Shaw and his Orchestra



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